May 14, 2011

Old Gods Almost Dead

What happened to the hammer of the gods?  Are they all exiled to a lazy little Main Street somewhere on Mustique or between Madison and East 76th?  Ground Control to Major Tom.  Your circuit's dead.  There's something wrong.  Can you hear me, Major Tom?

Has the sun also set on those whose lives are as epic as their fiction?  Have all the denizens of the Bateau Lavoir abandoned their seats at Lapin Agile for the non-smoking section at the Chili's out in the suburbs?  Sorry, Scott and Zelda couldn't make it.  They're meeting with their marriage counselor before picking up li'l Frances Scottie at the sitter's.  

Sadly, Modigliani is now a graphic designer.  Kiki de Montparnasse is an administrative assistant at a law firm.  Hemingway writes within the confines of corporate communications.  The Rolling Stones haven't put out a decent album since Tattoo You...and everyone shops for clothes at the same LL Beanana Republic at the mall.

Does the idea of a satisfying Tuesday night leave you longing to stagger out of your own Electric Ladyland and into a dive on Bleecker for a quick beer with Debbie and Chris; then hailing a cab up to Max's Kansas City to do a shot with Mssrs. Pop, Reed, Johansen, and Thunders; and then getting the Big Deal in the back of a limo (honey!) with a Nicaraguan super-model, en route to MoMA's evening with Andy and Vivienne?

Where are the lost Tyrannosaurus Rex who stomp the cultural landscape?  

Did an era like this ever really exist?  Does it still exist?  Perhaps just beyond the din of the pedestrian.  Read on....       

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