June 18, 2011

Lenny Says "Come On Stand..."

The man who sang "Rock and Roll Is Dead" is about to prove that it, in fact, isn't.  On the very same day that the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album is due to drop (August 30), Lenny Kravitz is scheduled to release Black and White America. 

If the first single from the album - "Stand" - is any indication, it should be an album of super catchy retro-funk rock that we've come to expect from Kravitz.  "Stand" should be the soundtrack to the summer of 2011 with its opening stuttering guitar lines to its handclap beats.  It practically demands that you put the top down, turn up the volume, shift into fourth gear, and smile ear-to-ear, as the cutie sitting next to you dances in her seat. 

"Stand" and enjoy.

(note:  the song's brilliant lift of Three Dog Night's oldie "Shambala.")  

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