August 3, 2011

Videos That Still Kill The Radio Star

This week being the 30th anniversary of MTV's premiere broadcast (you remember, that cable channel that used to play music videos), it seems like a good time to check out the best of the medium. These videos weren't just promotional music/film clips, they were artistic statements that captured the era in which they were created and also have managed to remain timeless.  Ironically, some of the most iconic videos pre-date MTV.

Note: the glaring omission of Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Lady Gaga videos was intentional.

(Miles Davis/John Coltrane - "So What?" circa 1959 - © Sony Music)

            (Rolling Stones - "Jumpin' Jack Flash" - ©1968 Abko Music)

                                             (David Bowie - "Life On Mars" - © 1971 RCA)

               (Bryan Ferry - "Slave To Love" - ©1985 Virgin Records)

 (Fiona Apple - "Criminal" - © 1996 Sony Music)

                    (The Strokes - "Last Nite" - ©2001 BMG Music)

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